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About Call South West

CALL is a local fundraising charity (reg. no. 801478) founded in 1988 to serve the needs of the people of Plymouth and West Devon.


Bethany (7) lives in Plymouth. She lost her legible speech after 2 tumours. She learnt to use an iPad with special software at school to help her to make herself understood. After being approached by her speech therapist CALL bought her a mini iPad with the software so that she could talk to her family at home. Bethany has recently joined the Brownies and with the strong protective cover CALL has provided, is able to take the iPad with her and talk with the other members of the pack.


  • Dr JS Makin MB FRCGP
  • Dr TGM Perham MB FRCPCH
  • Mrs CG Makin BA MCSP
  • Mr G Sargent NSCP
  • Mrs J Smith MRCSLT
  • Mrs T Jones ATT Fellow
  • Mrs A Tremain
  • Mrs S Scales


Isobel says CALL South West has been a tremendous help to her son over the years:

' it is lovely to be able to talk with people who understand his problems with communication. It was CALL that gave him his first Talker and without a machine he can only talk by slowly pointing to characters on a board., He was 40 last birthday and the talkers are precious to him. The machines that CALL has provided over te years have enabled Gary to make choices in his life that would not have been possible before. His greatest ambition was to swim with the dolphins in Florida . We managed to achieve this for him and this was life changing for him.'

“Vinnie is coming on leaps and bounds, and I have noticed an increase in the words he says since he has had the iPad for support, we are so grateful for your help”