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Hot News from Call South West

In the last 2 months we have helped 3 clients!!! The youngest was only 3 years old but could not speak because of meningitis and a tracheostomy, but we were able to give her an iPad in a protective case plus software which would enable her to communicate with her mum.

Another client was a local teenager who has unintelligible speech and we were able to provide him with iTunes vouchers to buy a special app which had been advised by his speech therapist and should enable him to have the means for proper conversations.

Our third client has a rare neurological illness which affects her speech, and language therapists advised her to have a specialised communication aid costing £2500. We we were able to buy this and give it to her; she was over the moon to receive her new communication aid and we wish her, her mother, and her teachers every success with this new machine.

None of this would be possible without the support of our helpers. Saltram Rotary club held a wine tasting for Call which raised £455 and Trinity Church donated £160. Also, many thanks also to Bidfood and to several individuals who have made donations to the charity this Christmas. Thank you all for your help............