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Hot News from Call South West

In the last six months Call has helped 4 new clients who have severe speech difficulties by the purchase of iPads and specialised communication software. This allows our clients to have for the first time a usable voice with which to communicate, three of the clients were children and the youngest only 4 years old. The fourth client was a young lady who had never been given the chance to try a communication aid and it is hoped that she will find it very helpful in helping her with her daily living.

None of this would have been possible without the help of our supporters and their generosity, we have had the privilege of being Bidfood’s sponsored charity for the last 2 years and are most grateful for their support. they managed to raise the magnificent sum of £3350.63 for Call and did this through having many fund-raising events which included selling their own “calendar girls” calendar!

Our own fund racing has included a Pig race which raised £1019 and we are having a fund-raising dinner at the Royal Western Yacht club on the 1 st February 2019. This will have a nautical theme and music from the Islington Duo; tickets cost £20 and are available from any committee member.